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Reamed Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Samara. The company main activities are medical scientific research and manufacture. The company is headed by scholars with doctorate degrees in medical science and biology. The wide scope of interests and creativity of the company’s staff has led to reviving some of undeservingly forgotten treatment techniques, and urged to reconsider an experience accumulated by gone generations. Thus, in 1996, the first ear candles made by Reamed were introduced in Samara. These were followed by ear cones. In 1997, the respective patents were granted.

Since then, Reamed has become the leader in the Russian market. Some foreign partners from Belorussia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, Dubai (UAE) and Norway signaled their interest towards Reamed’s products. Reamed receives many letters. There are full with words of gratitude, requests, and advises. We read all the mail with a great interest. We are sincerely pleased our candles and cones help many to cure ailments. Our effort is devoted to making our products comfortable in use and environmentally friendly. The result of this effort was a 10 pcs pack of candles which makes them less expensive and ensures convenient storage in medicine box at home. 

The feature of our products is that they are totally handmade and represent a piece-work manufacture. To make Samara phytocandles the best, the “gold hands” are needed. And we have found these hands! 

Our personnel are determined advocates of naturopathy. All of them have tried ear candles and cones more than once to treat themselves and their children.  All of them are healthy and feel great. We wish you the same.

ear phytocandles and phytocones

Reamed ear phytocandles and phytocones manufacturing


Reamed Ltd. is pleased to offer you ear phytocandles and phytocones which don't have any analogs in Russia. Phytotherapeutic effect is reached by combination of effects from volatile oils, natural balmy warmth, and vacuum therapy - all being produced by a burning candle. A set of natural components ensures anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and antispasmodic effect.

If you want to get rid of earwax, improve hearing, push away sleeplessness; 

if you are not a big fan of pills and injections; 

if you prefer natural remedies tested by generations,

Then our ear candles and ear cones are for you!

Since 1996, Reamed has been manufacturing phytocandles and phytocones - an effective means for ear, throat, and nose disorders treatment. These products carry the Russian Federation patents for inventions. Efficiency and safety have been proved by both clinical and sanitary control tests. We posess all related documents to this end. 

The bee wax is the main component of our products. It has widely known healing properties. That is why we pay the greatest attention to the quality of wax we buy. Consequently, our candles and cones feature a specific aroma. The safety of this unique therapeutic technique is Reamed’s special concern. Homemade analogs of candles and cones made of readily available untested materials could have rendered the technique itself useless and led to undesired results. The candles and cones made in Samara boast the strict specifications enforced by well equipped quality control department. 

Ingredients and Effect: 

Phytocandle (phytocone) has the shape of hollow tube with a diameter that fits the size of ear canal and the tube's length determines the optimal burning time. Ear candles (cones) are handmade and include only natural components - bee wax and volatile oils.

Warmth, massage, and substances produced during wax burning result in a comprehensive effect on biologically active spots of ear auricle and on drum membrane. The process causes effects of both local (improved microcirculation) and general (lower arterial tension, better sleeping, etc.)


- Aural, guttur, and nasal inflammatory disorders including acute and chronic rhinitis, otitis, tonsillitis, and pharyngitis;
- Inflammatory disorders of paranasal sinus (genyantritis, frontal sinusitis);
- Earwax;
- Sonituses of variable causation;
- Auditary inefficiency;
- Dizziness, headaches, and browache;
- Sleep disturbances;
- Nervousness, irritation, and stress conditions.


- Purulent discharge from an ear;
- Damaged drum membrane and ear canal;
- Cephalic neoplastic processes;
- Allergic reactions to apiculture products.

How to Use

Prepare two ear candles or cones, cloth or napkin to cover the head, wadding sticks, matches, glass of water, baby cream, and cotton wool.
Lie down on the right side and prop the head with a small pillow. Cut the hole for ear in cotton cloth or napkin and use it to cover the head. Perform a light massage of ear auricle with a cream.
Light the upper end of phytocandle (phytocone) and gently position its lower (foiled) end towards ear canal. Be sure the candle (cone) burns down to the level of the foil (mark) and then douse it in a glass with water. Clean the ear with wadding stick and insert some cotton wool for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the procedure for the right ear.
It is not recommended to wash or wet the head on a day of procedure.
We recommend 5-6 therapy sessions weekly for chronic disorders, and one time every 2-3 days for acute ailments.
ATTENTION! The procedure should be done with an assistant!

Ear phytocandles or phytocones?

Make the proper choice for different disorders

DisordersEar CandlesEar Cones
Earwax  ++++
Acute otitis +++++
Acute and subacute genyantritis +++++
Frontal sinusitis, rhinitis +++++
Sonitus+++ ++
Auditary inefficiency+++  +
Otosclerosis, cochlear neuritis, Meniere's disease+++  +
Dizziness, headaches, browache ++  +
Sleep disturbances ++  -

Reamed Product range

Ear phytocandles Traditional

Ear phytocandle

cotton fabric, beeswax, foil.

Ear phytocandles Classic

Ear phytocandle

cotton fabric, beeswax, foil, essential oils: cinnamon, eucalyptus, clove, lavender.

Ear phytocandles Relax

Ear phytocandle

cotton fabric, beeswax, foil, lavender essential oil.

Ear phytocones Classic

Ear phytocone

cotton fabric, beeswax, obturator «NO DROPS», essential oils: cinnamon, eucalyptus, clove, lavender.

Ear phytocones Lux

Ear phytocone

cotton fabric, beeswax, foil, obturator «NO DROPS», essential oils: cinnamon, eucalyptus, clove, lavender.

Wholesale price

Registration certificates№ FSR 2009/04806 from 02.11.2017, № FSR 2009/04807 from 02.11.2017 
Certificates:  № ROSS RU.AD83.N01340 from 30.11.2017, № ROSS RU.AD83.N01339 from 30.11.2017 

Storage conditions: temperature not more than 25 °C. 
Expiration date: 36 month.

Ear phytocandles #2 (1 box) -250 pcs. 
Ear phytocones #2 (1 box) -150 pcs.
Ear phytocandles #10 (1 box) -105 pcs.

The prices are specified without delivery cost.

Price from 01.01.2023. Price in Rubles, with VAT 10 %

ProductionUp to 1000 piecesUp to 1000 piecesMore than 10000 piecesMore than 10000 piecesMore than 10000 piecesMore than 10000 piecesMore than 10000 piecesMore than 10000 pieces
delay of payment,

delay of payment,
delay of payment,
delay of payment,
      30 days60 days90 days120 days
Ear phytocandle
«Classic» №2
28-00 27-00 26-00 26-50 26-75 27-00 27-25 27-50
Ear phytocandle
«Traditional» №2
28-00  27-00  26-00 26-50 26-75 27-00 27-25 27-50
Ear phytocandle
«Relax» №2
28-00 27-00 26-00  26-50  26-75  27-00 27-25 27-50
Ear phytocandle
«Classic» №10
112-00 108-00 104-00 106-00 107-00 108-00 109-00 110-00
Ear phytocone
«Classic» №2
30-00 29-00  28-00 28-50 28-75 29-00 29-25 29-50
Ear phytocone
«Lux» №2
30-00 29-00 28-00  28-50 28-75 29-00 29-25 29-50

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